Small space,
lots of capabilities

What is the BeaverMill?

An affordable compact milling center designed for high-performance machining ferrous and non-ferrous metals with a mineral cast bed

Equipped with a high-performance 9 kW 15,000 rpm spindle* and a 20-position automatic tool changer. This allows you to process metals at productive modes in small batch and serial production
*Depends on the set
BeaverMill takes up 2 sq.m(21 square feet) with no additional space needed for servicing. Fits into small spaces and can be placed against the wall and between the walls. This allows you to use your production facilities as efficiently as possible, increasing profit!
The BeaverMill is ideal for both prototypes and series production.
Machine dimesions
Working area(x/y/z)
Working table
500х350х400 mm
730x300 mm
1950 мм
1200 мм
1600 мм
1600x1200x1950 mm
2000 kg
The BeverMill bed is made from mineral casting.

It is a composite based on a volcanic material. It absorbs vibrations better than cast iron, of which traditional machines were made. This results in less surface roughness, better dimensional and thermal stability.
The BeaverMill has incredible rigidity in a compact size. This has been achieved by using the latest CAE software and generative design methods to design every part of our machine.

Weighing 2000 kg, BeaverMill has the stiffness and amplitude-frequency characteristics of a cast iron machine that weighs 3 to 4 times more, allowing you to machine hard non-ferrous metals and steels at high productive milling modes
The panoramic glazing and a unique lighting system that provides a shadowless view of the working area are ideal for the prototyping industry with frequent changeovers.

The chip conveyor, formed by the geometry of the Diagran mineral casting bed and a unique cutting-fluid feeding system, enables automatic chip flushing to minimize the maintenance time of the machine.
All BeaverMill customers get full technical support, setup help, full manuals with photos and videos. We will be there to ensure your satisfaction
Payment and delivery
You can place your order for a BeaverMill directly on the site. We are located in Moscow and deliver worldwide. Our machines are avialable for leasing
Warranty length of 2 years (includes parts and local dealer service)
Who we are
Beaver Technology is a team of scientists, designers and technologists from Moscow. Our goal is to develop and produce a new type of machining center.
+7 (499) 288 03 98
We are open to partnering. If you want to become a BeverMill dealer, also send us an email.
Moscow, Tarny proezd, 11
Zip Code 115516
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